ASERL Community Conversations: Open Access and Artificial Intelligence – Association of Southeastern Research Libraries

“Artificial intelligence and its impact libraries and other cultural heritage institutions is current hot topic, and in just a few weeks the inaugural ai4Libraries

(opens in new window) conference will convene for a day of discussion and reflection. Join us as we speak with ai4Libraries(opens in new window) founder Anu Moorthy, who is coming to us from Georgia Tech where she is an Electronic Resources Librarian. She will be speaking briefly about the ai4Libraries conference, and then we will open the floor for questions and discussion about the intersections of artificial intelligence and open access.”

Recommended Principles and Terms for Electronic Resource Agreements

“The following set of eleven principles for library content licenses was developed by a group of representatives from ASERL member libraries with several goals in mind: 

To make life easier for our colleagues by setting out what we consider to be the ideals libraries should pursue in each of the license terms covered here, as well as an example of license language that achieves those ideals, where possible. 

To give guidance to vendors so that they can present libraries with terms that are acceptable at the outset, saving everyone time and effort in negotiations. 

To establish and strengthen norms around licensing terms in key areas that may be the subject of uncertainty or disagreement between libraries and vendors to best serve libraries’ missions. 

ASERL believes every provision in a content license presents both parties with an opportunity to affirm core values. We are hopeful that this document will help ensure library values shape and inform the licenses that govern the information our institutions acquire on behalf of our users….”

Association of Southeastern Research Libraries and Directory of Open Access Journals forge new partnership – DOAJ News Service

“The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is excited to announce a new partnership with the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL). The arrangement shines a spotlight on the importance of open access at a time when both libraries and the organizations on which they depend — such as DOAJ — are facing unprecedented financial risks….”

Future Thinking: ASERL’s Resource Guide to Controlled Digital Lending for Research Libraries

“Beyond the legal issues, there are also technology and workflow challenges for libraries wanting to implement Controlled Digital Lending. The information below explores the various considerations for libraries thinking about implementing Controlled Digital Lending….”

[Open letter to Donald Trump]

“On behalf of the undersigned national and regional library, research, publishing, and advocacy organizations, we are writing to express our commitment to ensuring that American taxpayers are guaranteed immediate, free, and unfettered access to the results of scientific research that their tax dollars support, and to encourage the Administration to support continued progress towards this shared goal. We strongly endorse updating existing U.S. policy to eliminate the current 12-month embargo period on articles reporting on publicly funded research, and to ensure that they are made immediately available under terms and conditions that allow their full reuse. To unlock the full value of our collective investment in science, the underlying data needed to validate an article’s conclusions, along with any corresponding software or code, should also be made immediately available….”