Affordable Learning with Fund to Mission, University of Michigan Presss Open Access Monograph Model

“Launched in 2021, Fund to Mission–the University of Michigan Press’s open access monograph model–aims to support teaching and learning. Join us next Thursday, April 14th, from 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET to learn more about how open access U-M Press content–made possible by Fund to Mission–is aiding in libraries’ efforts to expand affordable learning initiatives. Attendees will hear from a UMP author and staff on how they are using both OA content and the Fulcrum platform in their classrooms. Folks will also learn more about the model and progress, as well investment options.


Fund to Mission is an inclusive, values-based model that seeks to encourage and enable participation for all institutions regardless of their size. We want to ensure that everyone has a chance to be a part of building an open future.”

Read and Annotate with UM Press – University of Michigan Press Blog

“The University of Michigan Press is launching a new social annotation project: UM Press Annotates. With UM Press Annotates, we are inviting readers to share their digital marginalia to engage in new scholarly conversations.

Our ebook platform Fulcrum uses Hypothesis, a tool for social annotation across the web, to allow readers to write public and private annotations on our more than 250 open-access titles. With our Fund-To-Mission initiative, the number of open-access titles grows each season….”

Audiobooks Expand Specialist Monograph Accessibility and Use | Michigan Publishing

“The Google Text to Speech (TTS) program allows UMP to inexpensively create natural-sounding machine-read audiobooks in-house and distribute them both through the Google Play store and as a benefit to libraries that purchase the University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection. Over 250 UMP authors have already opted into the program, including some with open access titles. Coronavirus Politics is read by “Jill”, Gaming the Stage by “Mary”, and Just Vibrations by “Mike.” An ever-increasing number of U-M Press titles are available for purchase through the Google Play Store….”

Funding OA Book Publishing: New Initiatives at Cambridge, Michigan, and MIT

“Finding sustainable ways to fund open access scholarly book publishing is not easy. Over the last few years, university presses have been experimenting with different business models which would enable them to publish monographs without charging authors thousands of dollars in processing charges. This panel brings together representatives from three well known university presses – Cambridge, Michigan, and MIT – which have each launched such an innovative initiative. While each of the three models has its own unique features, they share the strategy of utilizing library collection budgets to fund OA book publishing. Please join us to learn more about them and the future of openly published scholarly monographs.”

UMP Fund-to-Mission Flyer.pdf – Google Drive

“The University of Michigan Press has been taking steps to develop a publishing program that aligns with our mission and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. This is why the Press is transitioning to an open access monograph model we term “Fund to Mission.”

Fund to Mission demonstrates a return to the origins of the university press movement and moves toward a more open, sustainable infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences.


The Press is seeking a total of $250,000 in annual funding from the library community as it transitions to open. This amount acts as a match to internal funding from the University of Michigan. After extensive consultation with libraries, we have adopted a simple approach to reach our annual funding goal. Libraries are invited to continue to participate in the University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC) by way of our current fair pricing. However, rather than only funding a paywalled collection, an increasing percentage of titles become open access. By committing to purchase one of the UMP EBC packages, libraries:

• Support the conversion to open access of at least half (~45) of University of Michigan Press scholarly monographs in 2022. (We will expand this percentage if we realize our full goal, and will build on it in succeeding years);

• Receive perpetual access to the remaining restricted frontlist titles and term access to the backlist (~1,500 titles), which will otherwise remain closed to non-purchasers;

• Support authors’ ability to publish innovative, digital scholarship leveraging the next-generation, open-source Fulcrum platform….”

University of Michigan Press authors receive prestigious NEH Fellowships Open Book Program Grants – University of Michigan Press Blog

“The Fellowships Open Book Program from the National Endowment for the Humanities is a limited competition designed to make outstanding humanities books available to a wide audience. By taking advantage of low-cost “ebook” technology, the program allows teachers, students, scholars, and the public to read humanities books that can be downloaded or redistributed for no charge.  The Program supports the conversion of recently published books written by NEH fellows into eBooks that are freely available online….”

U-M Press Dialogues in Democracy: Core titles in politics and public policy now “free-to-read” – University of Michigan Press Blog

“The University of Michigan Press is pleased to announce the launch of “Dialogues in Democracy,” a collection of at least 25 free-to-read books contextualized by multimedia resources including author podcasts and videos. Ideal for students and the engaged voter alike, these resources illustrate the core tensions in American political culture—tensions that erupt every four years during the presidential election and are particularly apparent during these unusual times….”

Michigan Asian Studies Open Access Books Collection Launches – University of Michigan Press Blog

“The University of Michigan Press in collaboration with the Centers for Chinese, Japanese, South Asian and Southeast Asian Studies is pleased to announce the launch of the Michigan Asian Studies Open Access Books Collection. Jointly sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Humanities Open Book Program has made outstanding out-of-print and hard-to-find humanities books available to a wide audience. Under this program, the University has made 100 significant books about Asia published under its auspices freely and publicly available online. …”

FREE UKSG webinar – Digital Scholarship and the Future of the Book | UKSG

“Scholarly authors are increasingly using digital tools. They want to produce enhanced ebooks and interactive scholarly works, but these tend not to fit into existing publisher and librarian workflows. Fulcrum is a platform developed at the University of Michigan that supports authors who want to push the boundaries of the book. The University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC) includes an increasing number of enhanced titles and takes full advantage of the rich features on the Fulcrum platform. Thanks to the support of purchasing libraries, UMP EBC is able to sustain the publication of new forms of scholarship, including open access titles, and sustain the open-source, community-based scholarly infrastructure. In this webinar attendees will learn about this new form of scholarship, including how it is being sustained by the community via UMP EBC and Fulcrum, and walk away with inspired to sustain this burgeoning community.”

University of Michigan Press extends free-to-read ebook access and requests library support – University of Michigan Press Blog

“University of Michigan Press (UMP) will extend temporary free-to-read access to the UMP Ebook Collection (UMP EBC) until the end of June 2020, strengthening its support of students, librarians, and professors who need ebook access throughout the entire spring semester. Any user globally can simply access, read, and enjoy. No registration or IP-validation is required….”