Over 50 Magazine Publishers Contribute to Freely-Accessible Climate Crisis Resource Page

“Digital platform Exact Editions has published a freely-accessible ‘Climate Crisis Resource Page’ in collaboration with over 50 of their publishing partners. Currently including nearly 150 articles from digitally archived issues which are usually only available by paid subscription, the page will be updated with new content on a monthly basis and counts among its prestigious contributors Geographical, New Internationalist and Resurgence & Ecologist.

The comprehensive resource page is divided into eight distinct sections that each feature a rich collection of articles; ‘Agriculture’, ‘Biodiversity & Conversation’, ‘Climate Activism’, ‘Climate Literature & Art’, ‘Climate Politics’, ‘Deforestation’, ‘Fossil Fuels & Pollution’ and ‘Renewable & Sustainable Resources’. The page is designed for both personal reading and unlimited use in schools, universities and other educational institutions as a diverse teaching tool that spans multiple disciplines….”

American Philosophical Association & Exact Editions Form Partnership For New Digital Book Project

“The new project comprises the digitisation of philosophy books written by APA authors and the posting of time-limited links to the complete books online through Exact Editions’ innovative Reading Room technology….”

Exact Editions Freezes Institutional Subscription Prices for 2020/2021

“Exact Editions Freezes Institutional Subscription Prices for 2020/2021

The prices of digital institutional subscriptions to hundreds of magazine archives through digital publishers Exact Editions will be frozen for the 2020/2021 academic year. This decision comes in recognition of the unprecedented financial repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and the budget uncertainties that may lie ahead.”