NUI Galway IP Policy and OER: Comparing NUI Galway and Peer Institutions in Ireland | The HardiBlog: Blog for the NUI Galway Library

by Kris Meen

I blogged recently about Open Educational Resource policies and whether NUI Galway ought to think about reviewing its own policies with an eye towards making them more OER-enabling. More recently, it occurred to me that it might be useful to have a look at some peer institutions in Ireland. and their IP policies to see if I could get an impression of how NUI Galway’s policies stack up to others’ in terms of their OER-friendliness. I went ahead and found the IP policies of five peer universities: Maynooth University, Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, University College Dublin, and the University of Limerick. What I found was interesting: that the IP policy at NUI Galway appears to be a bit of an outlier, and in some ways would probably be considered less OER-friendly than at least some of our peers. I include links to all six IP policies (NUI Galway and five peer institutions) below as Appendix A.


NUI Galway Open Scholarship Week 2022, April 11-12, 2022

Our annual NUI Galway Open Scholarship Week is now in its fourth year! #OSW2022 is an exciting and innovative event that will bring together researchers, academics, educators, policymakers and students to highlight and showcase what Open Scholarship is and how it can be achieved, to work together towards creating knowledge that is open and accessible to all. Events will target several elements of Open Scholarship, including Open Data, Open Access, Open Education and Citizen Science.

OSW 2022 is organised by the NUI Galway Library in partnership with the Open Scholarship Community Galway (OSCG). OSW 2022 also welcomes the contributions of our partners at the Atlantic Technological University. The programme is put together by our Organising Committee of volunteers.

Open Scholarship is all about collaboration and lowering barriers to research and learning. Everyone is welcome! All events on 11 April will be virtual while on 12th April we have a mix of online and in person sessions. All events are free!


“A more ethical publishing infrastructure” – Open Voices interview with Stephen Eglen | The HardiBlog: Blog for the NUI Galway Library

For this Open Voices interview, we talk to Stephen J. Eglen, Professor of Computational Neuroscience at Cambridge University.

Open Scholarship Café: “Open Education: What’s Being Done? What CAN be done?” 8 Mar 2022, 11 am (GMT) | NUI Galway Library | Eventbrite

Two innovative Open Educational Resource projects from Ireland illustrate some of what’s possible in Open Education.

About this event

This Open Scholarship Café showcases two different approaches to creating and making use of Open Educational Resources and give an idea of the diverse possibilities of Open Education.

A Zoom link will be emailed in advance of this virtual session.

Our first speaker of the session will be Odette Gabaudan from Technological University Dublin. Odette will discuss her work with an open resource she has developed for French language learning called French Grammar Resources, an interactive website that makes it easier to work with French tenses and grammar. Odette will describe how students have been asked to use the website as a starting point to create language learning game prototypes. This has allowed material to be remixed in interesting ways in the context of a multidisciplinary student and staff collaboration.

Odette will also mention her work in creating an OER for practicing French in the context of Sustainable Development Goal 12 (Sustainable Consumption and Production). This work is part of a broader institutional initiative,

In presenting these two OER initiatives, she will share her experience on two very different approaches to creating OER.


Our second speaker will be Dr. Helen Dodson who will be providing an updated on the Open Histology funded project here at NUI Galway.

Co-authored with Shauna McBridge, the project involves the development of an open textbook based on Openstax Anatomy and Physiology, tailored to the needs of students at NUI Galway.

Open Histology is one of ten funded projects as part of the NUI Galway OER Pilot Project.


Speaker profiles:

Odette Gabaudan lectures at Technological University Dublin (TUD) in applied French and is Lead tutor for French. She has been involved in multiple OER projects for French including projects funded by the Institut Français and the National Forum.

Dr Helen Dodson joined the Discipline of Anatomy at NUI Galway as a lecturer in Dec 2011, obtaining a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Edinburgh in 2003.

NUI Galway Open Scholarship Week 2022, April 11-12, 2022

Save the date:

Open Scholarship Week 2022 will take place April 11th – 12th, 2022 and feature a mixture of online and in-person presentations and workshops. 

For a taste of what’s to come, the 2021 presentations are available to watch back. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to Galway!

An Update on Transformative Agreements | The HardiBlog – Blog for the NUI Galway Library

This blog post is an update to a previous post “SFI’s updated Open Access Policy – The Why and How”, published in February 2021. It explains what Transformative Agreements are and looks at why our researchers recently received a message saying that our Open Access allocations for 2021 for four publishers are due to run out before the end of the year.