Wikifunctions is starting up – Diff

“After three years of development, we are excited to share that Wikifunctions is slowly beginning to roll out. 

Wikifunctions, the newest Wikimedia project, is a new space to collaboratively create and maintain a library of functions. You can think of these functions like recipes for a meal—they take inputs and produce an output (a reliable answer). You might have experienced something similar when using a search engine to find the distance between two locations, the volume of an object, converting two units, and more….

Wikifunctions is a project that allows you to create new functions, run existing functions, and understand how they work. We anticipate that the system will eventually be able to generate sentences, texts, and full articles. Using the simple facts housed in Wikidata, you will be able to write functions that make calculations, provide a person’s age, estimate population densities, and more, and integrate the results into Wikipedia.

Additionally, Wikifunctions allows you to read and implement functions in your native language, be that English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, or one of the hundreds of other supported languages….”

Abstract Wikipedia gains new support from The Rockefeller Foundation – Diff

“The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to share that The Rockefeller Foundation has provided a $1 million grant to support the development of Abstract Wikipedia, an initiative that will enable more people to share more knowledge in more languages across Wikipedia, accelerating the Wikimedia movement‘s Knowledge Equity goals.

The long-term aim of Abstract Wikipedia is to build a knowledge base independent of language, making it easier for Wikipedia editors to share, add, translate, and improve knowledge across languages on the online encyclopedia. In short, the initiative will enable more people to contribute content in their preferred languages, making the knowledge available to a larger and more global audience.

The grant from The Rockefeller Foundation will also allow the Abstract Wikipedia team to further develop Wikifunctions, the technical infrastructure behind the idea of Abstract Wikipedia. Wikifunctions will empower volunteers to create reusable code that can perform specific tasks, such as generating text in a certain language….”

First grants announced from the Wikimedia Endowment to support technical innovation across Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects – Wikimedia Foundation

“The Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that operates Wikipedia, and the Wikimedia Endowment Board today announced the first recipients of grant funding from the Wikimedia Endowment, the long-term fund established in 2016 to support the future of Wikimedia sites. The initiatives that will receive grant funding include Abstract Wikipedia, Kiwix, Machine Learning, and Wikidata. The projects were selected for their ability to foster greater technical innovation on Wikimedia projects, crucial to keeping the sites relevant in a rapidly-evolving landscape….”

Wikifunctions, a new Wikipedia project to automate and standardize information.

“When Vrande?i? reviewed how San Francisco was described in each language back in 2019, he noticed that 62 Wikipedia language editions listed an out-of-date mayor. The most egregiously out-of-date instance was the Cebuano Wikipedia, which listed Feinstein as the current mayor of San Francisco. The problem was that the Cebuano language Wikipedia was very out-of-date, which is where Wikidata could have helped. Wikidata allocates items a unique QID; the concept “mayor of San Francisco,” for instance, is Q795295. Different language editions of Wikipedia can then insert Wikidata queries within their articles. That way, if the mayor of San Francisco is updated after an election, one change to the central Wikidata item can update all of the language editions of Wikipedia automatically….”