“As a member of the California Digital Library’s Shared Collections program, the Licensing Services Manager is responsible for providing expertise and services related to all phases of license management for CDL and to librarians across the UC Libraries system. The position works to advance UC Libraries collection and service goals by securing advantageous license terms with publishers and other content providers in compliance with University principles and policies. In collaboration with CDL Shared Collections colleagues, UC librarians, and legal counsel, the position is responsible for license development and interpretation; the negotiation of license provisions with vendors; communicating and reporting on license information; and serving as the official contact for reporting and resolving license breaches.

The ideal candidate will use advanced professional concepts and organizational objectives to resolve complex problems in creative and effective ways; work on nuanced issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors; and exercise judgment in selecting methods, techniques, and evaluation criteria for obtaining results. The position interfaces with and actively contributes to a full range of services offered by the CDL Shared Collections program, including but not limited to participating in the emerging transformative and open access agreement schema, supporting effective electronic resource strategies and workflows, analyzing usage data, and engaging with relevant UC-wide committees. The Licensing Services Manager reports to CDL’s Assistant Director of Systemwide Licensing and Collection Services….”

Technical Team Manager

“The Technical Team Manager leads a development team responsible for the technical architecture, operations, and continued evolution of systems and services for the Publishing, Archives, and Digitization (PAD) program at the California Digital Library (CDL). Working closely with the group’s Director, Associate Director, and Senior Product Managers, the incumbent will help support vital and innovative services for the University of California community, including but not limited to: eScholarship, UC’s open access publishing and institutional repository platform; Calisphere, an open gateway of digitized primary source materials from cultural heritage institutions at UC and throughout California; and technical processes supporting CDL’s coordination of UC’s participation in HathiTrust.  The incumbent will also work with other technical leaders at CDL to provide cross-organizational technical strategic guidance, planning, and decision making, and will collaborate with staff from other organizations with whom CDL partners. …:

Pathways to Open Access: Library Publishing/Repository Services and CDL – Office of Scholarly Communication

“The Pathways blog series highlights CDL’s efforts on various pathways to open access and illustrates how diverse approaches can complement and reinforce each other–and how they can raise productive tensions that push us to think more critically about the work we do. We believe this kind of approach can move us toward true and comprehensive transformation of the scholarly communications landscape….”

Pathways to Open Access: Library Publishing/Repository Services and CDL – Office of Scholarly Communication

“The Pathways blog series highlights CDL’s efforts on various pathways to open access and illustrates how diverse approaches can complement and reinforce each other–and how they can raise productive tensions that push us to think more critically about the work we do. We believe this kind of approach can move us toward true and comprehensive transformation of the scholarly communications landscape….”

Mat Willmott appointed first Assistant Director for Open Access Agreements – California Digital Library

“We are thrilled to announce that CDL’s Mat Willmott has been appointed the first Assistant Director for Open Access Agreements, a position that is responsible for stewarding California Digital Library activities related to publisher agreements for open access, including analysis, data and financial modeling, negotiations, implementation, administration, and assessment.  In this role, Mat will expand his current responsibilities to include leadership of all stages of UC open access publisher negotiations, as a member of UC Libraries negotiation teams, through leadership of select CDL-based mission-critical publisher negotiations, and through engagement with a variety of stakeholders across the University, including faculty, senior administrators, and library decision-makers.”

New Scholarly Communication Investments by CDL 2022 – California Digital Library

“CDL’s Shared Collections team, in consultation and collaboration with the UC-wide Shared Collections Leadership Group (SCLG), is pleased to have been able to invest in several important open resources and tools in Fiscal Year 2021-22, reflecting our commitment to ’invest in open’ by allocating a portion of our collections funding to the development of open content and infrastructure in support of UC scholarship and teaching.  Key investments include: ….”

eScholarship Pilots New Technologies – California Digital Library

“The University of California’s open access publishing program and institutional repository, eScholarship, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. As part of this celebration of the many ways eScholarship has enabled UC affiliated scholars and editors to openly share their research and publications with the world over the past two decades, we’ve taken some time to examine the nuts and bolts of our services, which have grown organically as we’ve expanded and adapted to support the changing needs of the scholarly community and the reading public.  Looking under the hood, we find that, while eScholarship is still a powerful and flexible platform, the underlying technology is somewhat outdated, with many bespoke core components.  

Looking ahead, the eScholarship team is eager to address this issue of aging and idiosyncratic technology by engaging more fully with leading open source, community-based solutions–both as a consumer of and contributor to these efforts. This desire has motivated our participation in an exciting new initiative, the Next Generation Library Publishing Project (NGLP), funded by Arcadia and focused on building interoperable tools to connect widely adopted, open source platforms and services.  With library publishers specifically in mind, NGLP has created discovery, access, administrative, and analytics/reporting layers designed to work with powerful applications like the journal publishing platforms Janeway and OJS, and the repository platform DSpace–providing combined publishing and institutional repository solutions. The project is currently piloting this modular technology approach to gather feedback from stakeholders.

As one of the pilot partners, CDL is excited to engage the eScholarship community in evaluating this early iteration of a next generation publishing and institutional repository solution. We will host a series of webinars throughout July demonstrating an early version of the NGLP stack, configured for and populated with journal and repository data from two UC campuses. Participants will be able to tour and interact with the pilot implementation, including journal and repository submission workflows and the NGLP Web Delivery Platform (WDP), the last of which provides a unified display layer across multiple content platforms. We will be particularly focused on the presentation of content and related publishing entities, in order to learn what our stakeholders find compelling, confusing, and where the gaps are at this early stage. This feedback will be shared with the NGLP project team as they work to build out a fully realized offering. …”

Seeding a Community of FORESTers | Educopia Institute

“How well do your policies and practices align with your values? And how well do your vendors’ and partners’ policies and practices align with your values?

Do you know? Would it change your investment choices if you did? 

We believe that if there were clearer ways to evidence and assess actions against values, it could.

The Next Generation Library Publishing (NGLP) team is excited to announce the release of the FOREST Framework for Values-Driven Scholarly Communication. This framework has been created to help scholarly communication organizations and communities to demonstrate, evaluate, and improve their alignment over time with six key values:  

Financial and Organizational Sustainability


Representative Governance

Equity, Accessibility, and Anti-Oppression

Sharing of Knowledge

Transparency …”

California Digital Library: Prioritizing Community and Sustainability as an NGLP Pilot Partner | Educopia Institute

“This year marks the 20th anniversary for eScholarship as a library publisher; the program is run by the California Digital Library, in collaboration with University of California campus library staff, and provides open access publishing services for the 10 UC campuses, the Lawrence Berkeley Lab; UC Agriculture and Natural Resources; and the UC Office of the President. As a library publisher, eScholarship is the home for 90+ journals that claim an affiliation with the institution. As a repository, eScholarship hosts 300,000+ research objects, from preprints to white papers to Electronic Theses and Dissertations. It is also the repository where UC faculty continue to deposit tens of thousands of author-versions of their publications under the UC Open Access policies. 


Existing platforms do not adequately support the complexity required to support the combined role of publisher and institutional repository at this scale. As a result, CDL has found it necessary over the past two decades to build custom solutions to provide a set of compelling publishing and distribution services to its academic community. …”

UC Davis Library and California Digital Library launch project to explore expanded lending of digitized books

“Digitized books have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for university libraries and scholars, the first 18 months of the pandemic threw their value into sharp relief. As campuses across the country closed, many libraries began offering expanded access to digital versions of the print books in their collections as an emergency measure, driving ebook use to new heights and unexpectedly launching a large-scale experiment in online scholarship.

Libraries have long provided digital access to older books in the public domain and those published more recently with open access. But programs established during the pandemic, such as the HathiTrust Digital Library’s Emergency Temporary Access Service, opened a new frontier by offering temporary access to digitized versions of in-copyright materials, as well.

Based on the University of California’s preliminary assessment, the experiment was a resounding success with faculty and student users. However, as with many experiments, it has also raised a host of questions about long-term implementation, especially as user demand for digital materials continues to increase. Under the leadership of the UC Davis Library and the California Digital Library (CDL) and with support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, UC has begun an investigation of key questions around the future of ebook lending….”

CDL, CRL & HathiTrust Summit for Shared Print in the Collections Lifecycle – California Digital Library

“In 2020, CDL joined in collaboration with the Center for Research Libraries and HathiTrust (the CCH Collaboration) to play a facilitative leadership role in advancing shared print’s transition to a new phase of integration and interoperability (read more here). In its first year, the Collaboration released a freely available shared print comparison tool for serials and journals. On December 1st & 2nd of 2021, the Collaboration hosted a summit bringing together the shared print community, library technologists, and service providers to map a path forward for embedding shared print in the collections lifecycle. …”

Open Access Data Analyst

“The Open Access Data Analyst will join a highly team-based environment within the California Digital Library’s Shared Collections Program, supporting the transition to open access publishing by engaging in complex data analysis projects, gathering data from a variety of sources and synthesizing it into outputs offering insights and predictive models to help guide strategy and inform discussions with publishers. The Open Access Data Analyst will support work both within the UC system and with other partner institutions, creating reports and visualizations which can communicate results to technical and nontechnical stakeholders throughout the library and university administration. A successful candidate will be able to embed data analysis into the transformative agreement negotiation and implementation processes, producing meaningful results to guide strategy and constantly iterating based on feedback and changing priorities to be responsive and sensitive to a dynamic environment.”