Open access at ICE Publishing

“If your grant-funder requires that work funded by them be published open access, you may:

Post the accepted version on open, unrestricted websites or deposit it in an institutional repository, with a link to the version of record. This is the accepted version of the text that incorporates all revisions due to peer review or editorial comment, but before the article has been copyedited and typeset. It is the version that you resubmitted to the journal, rather than the PDF that is published on the journal website. The version of record is the final PDF.

If your research-funding body is a signatory of Plan S, there is no embargo period for you to deposit your accepted article. i.e. you may do so immediately with a CC-BY licence
If your research-funding body is not a signatory of Plan S, we ask that you please wait 12 months before depositing your article

Include a weblink to the version of record (the final PDF hosted on the journal webpage – see the full list of our journals).

ICE Publishing is happy to support grant-funded research through this initiative, raising the profile of our authors, employers and journals. If you have any questions about applying to place articles online, please contact us….”