Open Syllabus Analytics: A New Service from Open Syllabus

“This informational webinar will be used to introduce viewers to Open Syllabus Analytics. Open Syllabus Analytics (OSA) is a massive archive of the main activity of higher education: teaching. It provides top-down views of syllabi across thousands of schools to help faculty, staff, and publishers improve student outcomes. The service is flexible and effective across multiple use cases, including library collection development, tracking OER adoption, curriculum aid for teachers and graduate students, and more.”



Get A Beautiful Open Syllabus Poster To Support Techdirt And The Open Syllabus Project | Techdirt

“Open Syllabus is a very cool non-profit research organization, spun out of the American Assembly at Columbia University, that collects and analyzes millions of syllabi to better understand what materials are being used to educate people in classes around the world. It currently has a corpus of nine million English-language syllabi from 140 countries and has done a bunch of research based on this data. Most of these syllabi are collected by scouring the open web (though some are submitted directly), and the end result is a very handy Open Syllabus explorer that allows you to take deep dives into what’s being taught in various subjects, at various schools and more. Want to know what are the top titles taught for computer science? Or Economics? Or Political Science? They’ve got the details and more.

And, recently, Open Syllabus used a bunch of that data to make amazing, beautiful posters, taking the top 600 or so assigned titles in certain fields, and creating “galaxy maps” highlighting the clusters of works and how often certain works are assigned together with one another. They’re educational and stunning to look at….”