ResearchHub Editor Program


ResearchHub is a scientific forum where users are rewarded with an Ethereum token called ResearchCoin for openly publishing, curating, and discussing scientific papers. Our goal is to create an opportunity for any scientist to be adequately compensated for openly sharing their expertise within the academic community. A thriving community is the heart of every successful platform and ResearchHub is no different. Editors will play a key role in bootstrapping the ResearchHub community. Loosely speaking, their job will be a hybrid between an Ambassador, a moderator, and a traditional journal editor. Editors will be assigned to various hubs (analogous to scientific journals) where they will:

Participate in scientific discussion
Curate quality content
Grow the community

Inspired by Aaron Swartz’ Ideals New DAO Takes Aim at Academic Publishing Industry – The Defiant

“A new decentralized autonomous organization is drawing inspiration from ConstitutionDAO and the ideals of information liberation exemplified by the late activist Aaron Swartz.

An early mission statement was shared on the currently nameless DAO’s Discord server during the call: “The vision is to design an incentivized system for open access academic peer-reviewed publishing.” 

The idea began with a Twitter thread from Nov. 18, in which David McDougall, a vice-president at crypto prime brokerage Genesis Trading and instigator of the DAO suggested, “We could buy all of academic publishing for ~ $25 Billion, but we could start one journal at a time.” …

Various early supporters, most of whom were running other efforts aimed at making science more legible, also provided grounding thoughts for this first conversation. “This DAO could end up putting pressure on the big paywalled publishers,” said Patrick Joyce, of the open science community ResearchHub. “If anything comes out of this project it could be huge economic pressure on the powers that already exist to be better actors.”…”