ResearchHub | Open Science Community

“ResearchHub’s mission is to accelerate the pace of scientific research. Our goal is to make a modern mobile and web application where people can collaborate on scientific research in a more efficient way, similar to what GitHub has done for software engineering.

Researchers are able to upload articles (preprint or postprint) in PDF form, summarize the findings of the work in an attached wiki, and discuss the findings in a completely open and accessible forum dedicated solely to the relevant article.

Within ResearchHub, papers are grouped in “Hubs” by area of research. Individual Hubs will essentially act as live journals within focused areas, within highly upvoted posts. (i.e the paper and its associated summary and discussion) moving to the top of each Hub.

To help bring this nascent community together and incentivize contribution to the platform, a newly created ERC20 token, ResearchCoin (RSC), has been created. Users receive RSC for uploading new content to the platform, as well as for summarizing and discussion research. Rewards for contributions are proportionate to how valuable the community perceives the actions to be – as measured by upvotes.”


ResearchHub Editor Program


ResearchHub is a scientific forum where users are rewarded with an Ethereum token called ResearchCoin for openly publishing, curating, and discussing scientific papers. Our goal is to create an opportunity for any scientist to be adequately compensated for openly sharing their expertise within the academic community. A thriving community is the heart of every successful platform and ResearchHub is no different. Editors will play a key role in bootstrapping the ResearchHub community. Loosely speaking, their job will be a hybrid between an Ambassador, a moderator, and a traditional journal editor. Editors will be assigned to various hubs (analogous to scientific journals) where they will:

Participate in scientific discussion
Curate quality content
Grow the community