Global presence of open-source research data management platform for libraries: the Dataverse project | Emerald Insight

Abstract:  Purpose

This paper aims to provide statistical information on the worldwide spread of the open-source research data management application, the Dataverse Project, to librarians, data managers and information managers who are considering using the application at their own institution.


To produce a list of dataverse repositories, the official Dataverse website was evaluated, and JSON data were downloaded and parsed. Data standardisation was performed to assess the state of installations in various nations and continents across the world.


Globally, the Dataverse repositories have seen a rise in overall installations. The year 2020 alone saw a 23.21% rise. In a country-by-country comparison, the USA (13) has the most dataverse installations, while Europe (25) has the highest number of installations worldwide.


This research will be useful to librarians, data managers and information managers, among others, who want to learn more about Dataverse repositories throughout the world before deploying at their local level.