GREI Collaborative Webinar: Meaningful Metrics

“The GREI metrics webinar will explore the context of Make Data Count and implementation of meaningful data metrics across the GREI initiative. Metrics play an important role in the path of data becoming a standalone research output and ultimately could help incentivise researcher to share more of their data. We will hear from Dataverse in their efforts to expose meaningful metrics and engage in a moderated discussion.

Researchers and academic staff who are interested in responsible research data metrics, representatives from data repositories, and NIH staff interested in how GREI repositories have implemented usage metrics are invited to the GREI Metrics subcommittee’s Collaborative Webinar on October 13 at 9:30 am ET. Registration is free and open to all who are interested.”

GREI Collaborative Webinar: Use Cases in Generalist Repositories and Community Feedback

“Join Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI) members to learn more about how we center our work on the user experience through a series of use cases from each of the GREI partners. Attendees will be introduced to the four introductory use cases and view demonstrations of the use cases in action. Attendees will also have an opportunity to provide input on the current use cases as well as an interactive feedback session to dig into which use cases you’d like to see next from the GREI program. Finally, the GREI team will provide attendees with a virtual tour of the Zenodo GREI Community where use cases, presentations, reports and other program outputs can be accessed.”

The Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI): First Year Momentum Leads to Exciting Future Plans | Data Science at NIH

“During the first year of the Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI), the effort has made noteworthy progress in fostering collaboration across the NIH generalist repository landscape. The GREI team has delivered on not only technical capabilities but on community outreach and engagement with a training webinar series, a community workshop, and conference presentations.

The GREI program brings together seven generalist repository awardees (Dataverse(link is external), Dryad(link is external), Figshare(link is external), Mendeley Data(link is external), Open Science Framework(link is external), Vivli(link is external), and Zenodo(link is external)) to work together in a “coopetition” (competition and cooperation) model of collaboration to reduce the barriers to NIH data sharing, discovery, and reuse. The coopetition effort has organized into functional working groups focused on use cases, metadata and search, metrics, and community engagement with the goals of enhancing interoperability across generalist repositories(link is external) and supporting the data needs of research communities….”

Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI) Workshop | Data Science at NIH

“You are invited to join a 2-day virtual workshop presented by the seven generalist repositories participating in the Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI), sponsored by the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy. The workshop will focus on GREI’s vision of developing collaborative approaches for data management and sharing through inclusion of the generalist repositories in the NIH data ecosystem, and to better enable search and discovery of NIH-funded data in the generalist repositories. The workshop will feature keynote speakers and panel discussions with leaders in open data from the research community, NIH, and data community organizations. Interactive training sessions led by GREI repositories will present use-case-specific guidance on sharing and discovering data in generalist repositories. Presenters will also gather community feedback to inform future GREI work to enhance support for NIH data sharing with common functionality, interoperability, and “coopetition” among generalist repositories.”

GREI Collaborative Webinar Series on Data Sharing in Generalist Repositories | Data Science at NIH

“Join us for a series of presentations and panel discussions by generalist repositories to learn about available repository resources and best practices for sharing NIH-funded research.

Presented by the members of the NIH Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI): Dryad, Dataverse, Figshare, Mendeley Data, Open Science Framework, Vivli, and Zenodo….”

Meet the GREI Generalist Repositories

“Join us for a panel discussion with the 6 generalist repositories participating in the NIH Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative (GREI). Learn about common features and capabilities across repositories as well as repositories that support specific use cases. Discover how these repositories are working together to support NIH-funded researchers and participate in an audience Q&A.”