Information for publishers about the Open Access Community Framework

“We have developed the open access community framework (OACF) to provide an efficient way for publishers offering innovative open access (OA) content models to seek financial support from our institutional members. The OACF also reflects interest from our members in supporting a more diverse range of OA content providers and initiatives and aligns with our view that diversity is at the core of a well-functioning scholarly communication market. By presenting options via the framework the OACF helps institutions make strategic decisions about the use of their funds, e.g., OA or collections budgets, towards new content initiatives. We are piloting the OACF during 2022….”

A new approach to supporting scholarly communications: announcing the open access community framework (OACF) | Jisc

o further realise Jisc and its strategic groups’ commitment to working with stakeholders across the scholarly communication landscape and supporting innovation, we’re now announcing a new approach to supporting publishers or initiatives operating under the diamond OA model – open access publishing with no subscription or author facing fees –  with the open access community framework (OACF). 

Jisc has worked with a range of subscription and fully OA publishers so far, negotiating agreements based on a variety of models, including read and publish, subscribe to open, funder-compliant green, to help all publishers wishing to engage with OA. We also have several agreements for OA monographs and agreements supporting core scholarly communications infrastructure, such as arXiv.