We’ve Added 2,000 More Ebooks Thanks to a New Open Access Project : JMU Libraries

“Explore over 2,000 ebooks from MIT Press: We are pleased to announce that the JMU community now has access to over 2,000 ebooks from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MIT Press—and has helped facilitate opening the Spring 2022 title list to be open access! These ebooks are from across the arts, social sciences, humanities and sciences. They range from recent scholarly books to classic academic works.

You can find these ebooks in JMU’s Library Search by adding the phrase “MIT Press” to your search terms.

The project is a worldwide collaboration for open access led by MIT: To bring this incredible collection of ebooks to you, JMU Libraries joined with over 160 libraries worldwide to support an innovative, sustainable framework for open access books from MIT Press. This Direct to Open (D2O) project facilitates a collaborative, library-supported, and open access approach to publishing professional and scholarly books….”