Brown Library Receives Federal Grant to Grow and Diversify Digital Publishing Landscape | Brown University Library News

“Brown University Library has received a three-year $246,000 Implementation Grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program to establish a cross-organizational training and support program for HBCU library professionals seeking to gain or expand expertise in developing open access born-digital scholarship.

Born-digital publications create exciting new conditions for the production and sharing of knowledge by advancing scholarly arguments in ways not achievable in a conventional print format, whether through multimedia enhancements or interactive engagement with research materials. Combined with open access publishing models, these new scholarly forms are increasing the visibility and reach of humanities scholarship to global audiences both within and beyond the academy in unprecedented ways. Yet the majority of this innovative work is being generated at well-resourced, predominantly white institutions….”

HBCU Library Alliance Partners with Harvard Library to Expand Access to African American History Collections | Harvard Library

“The HBCU Library Alliance and Harvard Library are embarking on this project with the shared goal of advancing open, public access to archives and special collections pertaining to African American history. Funds are provided by the Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery initiative, which has designated $6 million for this project….”

HBCU Affordable Learning Solutions Community Portal

“The HBCU Affordable Learning Community is building a collection of free and open educational resources to support faculty and students teaching and learning in Africana, African American, and Black Studies programs as well as bringing the Africana, African American, and Black Studies content and context into all disciplines. We know the topic areas within the collection will expand over time with the participation and leadership of the HBCU community.”

Open Learning Talks | Open Education, Cultural Collection, and Curation: Focus on HBCUs – YouTube

“Although more learners and educators continue to adopt and create open education resources (OERs), there has been a dearth of culturally-relevant content created by and curated for underserved and underrepresented populations. In this Open Learning Talk, we’ll hear from members of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and learn about their journey to opening up and creating a more inclusive canon of OER for HBCUs and the world.”