Discovering book publishing platforms (webinar recording) | on YouTube, co-led by the Royal Irish Academy and Trinity College Dublin, is pleased to share a webinar which gives an introduction to different publishing platforms for books.

The webinar included demos from platform providers Coko Foundation (Ketida), Manifold, and The Public Knowledge Project’s Open Monograph Press (PKP/OMP), and is part of’s mission of evaluating the feasibility of establishing a national publishing platform in Ireland.

If you are involved in book publishing or curious about open source systems, this webinar will give you the opportunity to see different platforms in action and put questions directly to the teams involved. Each platform is presented, followed by a Q&A session.

– Ketida is produced by the Coko Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to use to use Open Source to transform how knowledge is created, improved, and shared.

– Manifold is a collaboration between the CUNY Graduate Center, the University of Minnesota Press, and Cast Iron Coding, and each group brings a unique perspective to the project: scholarship, publishing, and technology. It is 100 percent open source and free.

– PKP/OMP produces free, open source software to disseminate research and manage the entire scholarly publishing workflow from submission to indexing.

<strong>Using Open Monograph Press for open access book publishing at Scottish institutions</strong> – Open Access Books Network

“Scottish Universities Press (SUP) is a new fully open access and not-for-profit press owned and managed by 18 Scottish academic libraries, co-ordinated through the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL). The Press aims to provide a clear and cost-effective route for researchers at Scottish HEIs to make their work freely available to a global audience. We will initially focus on publishing monographs, mainly due to changing funder requirements around OA for books (e.g. the UKRI policy). In this part of the blog post I will discuss why SUP decided to use OMP as our platform and talk about our experiences of using the platform so far….”

PKP’s free and open source software (FOSS) version 3.4 for OJS, OMP & OPS: A sneak-peek – Public Knowledge Project

“PKP released development updates in December. In advance of releasing the Open Journal Systems (OJS), Open Monograph Press (OMP), and Open Preprint Systems (OPS) software in version 3.4 this year, the PKP team offers a sneak-peek of what to expect, why they are most excited for the community, and some personal insights from their own work on the Project….”

The Public Knowledge Project’s Open Monograph Press

While much progress has been made by academic libraries, societies, and groups of scholars in supporting the publication of independent journals, giving rise to the Open Access Diamond Journal phenomenon (no charge for authors or readers), the same is not true of books.1  Scholarly books would appear to require a publishing house to produce such works.  Well, in that regard, Open Monograph Press (OMP) offers a publishing house in a box.  Only there is no box.  And the house is virtual, but within it one can see the scholarly book through to publication.