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“Preface: The first step in any research project is to read up on what others have done, and with OA.mg finding and accessing research papers is becoming easier than ever. We asked Cenk from OA.mg how they are working with the research community to make searching scientific literature better, and learned they are creating a world where knowledge is quickly accessible and open to everyone—and a future with shareable “Paper Playlists”! This interview is part of our ongoing series on innovative companies that are developing tools and support for your research….”

OA.mg · Open Access for Everyone · Download and read over 200 million research papers

“OA.mg is a project developed by the team behind Citationsy.

Our mission is to help you become more productive at every stage of your academic work — from research to bibliography generation.

This is why we decided to build a tool that helps make scientific research more open and connected….

The best path for accelerating multi-disciplinary breakthrough research is freely sharing knowledge across scientific fields.

The only way to solve our problems and fix the future is through open collaboration.

Why us?
1. There are many academic search engines, but only we combine all OA databases and connect them to each other.
2. Our search engine is superior to any other.
3. Powerful integrations enable you to do more with your papers. Great things come from collaboration, which is why we have partnered with the leading educational tools out there to unlock features you have only ever dreamed of.

Join our fight for Open Access. We have nothing to lose but our chains….”