Announcing Quarto, a new scientific and technical publishing system – RStudio

“Today we’re excited to announce Quarto

(opens in a new tab), a new open-source scientific and technical publishing system. Quarto is the next generation of R Markdown(opens in a new tab), and has been re-built from the ground up to support more languages and environments, as well as to take what we’ve learned from 10 years of R Markdown and weave it into a more complete, cohesive whole. While Quarto is a “new” system, it’s important to note that it’s highly compatible with what’s come before. Like R Markdown, Quarto is also based on Knitr(opens in a new tab) and Pandoc(opens in a new tab), and despite the fact that Quarto does some things differently, most existing R Markdown documents can be rendered unmodified with Quarto. Quarto also supports Jupyter(opens in a new tab) as an alternate computational engine to Knitr, and can also render existing Jupyter notebooks unmodified….

Some highlights and features of note:

Choose from multiple computational engines (Knitr, Jupyter, and Observable) which makes it easy to use Quarto with R(opens in a new tab), Python(opens in a new tab), Julia(opens in a new tab), Javascript(opens in a new tab), and many other languages.
Author documents as plain text markdown or Jupyter notebooks, using a variety of tools including RStudio, VS Code, Jupyter Lab, or any notebook or text editor you like. Publish high-quality reports, presentations, websites, blogs, books, and journal articles in HTML, PDF, MS Word, ePub, and more. Write with scientific markdown extensions, including equations, citations, crossrefs, diagrams, figure panels, callouts, advanced layout, and more….”