Neuromatch Open Publishing – White Paper

“We need to replace our outdated and undemocratic publishing system with one which is free to read and publish, reliable, archival, flexible and democratically governed. We propose to do so with a two layer system. The foundational layer is a commonly owned, distributed infrastructure that will maintain a freely and openly accessible database built on a flexible graph structure to allow new and arbitrary methods of publishing and scholarly productivity. The services layer will be provided by a number of third parties building on this flexible infrastructure….”

Neuromatch Open Publishing

“We need to replace our outdated and undemocratic scholarly publishing system.

The time is right for researchers to take back control of publishing.

Neuromatch is delighted to announce a new initiative to build an open publishing platform based on these principles:

Common ownership

A system owned and managed by a coalition of university libraries ensuring it is safe and reliable in the long term, and cannot be sold for profit. Community governance ensuring that it stays responsive to the needs of different types of researchers.

Free to read and publish

An inclusive system where everyone is welcome regardless of their ability to pay. No research funding wasted on inflated publisher profits.

Open and re-usable data

Designed for the future. Third parties and communities can build their own journals and tools on top of an open database. A flexible, graph-based data format that allows for experiments in new types of articles and forms of peer review….

For more details, see our white paper….”