A2K Coalition’s analysis of WIPO’s copyright agenda | EIFL

“Members of the Access to Knowledge (A2K) Coalition, representing educators, researchers, libraries and other knowledge users around the globe, have released an analysis on key issues on the agenda at WIPO’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR/44) that meets in Geneva on 6-8 November 2023. The analysis, available in English, French and Spanish, opposes the proposed broadcast treaty, proposes a way forward on limitations and exceptions, and urges the removal of work on a ‘pay to lend’ fee by libraries.

EIFL and other members of the A2K Coalition will participate in discussions on these topics at SCCR/44 in Geneva….”

Making a reality of access to knowledge: new website supports advocacy and WIPO engagement – IFLA

“As part of a global group of organisations committed to promoting access to knowledge at the World Intellectual Property Organization and beyond, IFLA encourages the library field to engage with a new website which shares key resources and data for advocacy and awareness-raising….”