Stricter requirements for science to be open access – Stockholm University Library

“The demands on research data and science results to be open access are intensified. But how does it work in practice? During this year’s Open Access Week, which runs from 24-30 October, the issue is in focus.

That tax funded research should be open access is a common goal in the political sphere as well as at the Swedish universities. Of the 3,868 peer-reviewed scientific articles published at Stockholm University in 2021, 87 percent were published with open access in some form. But the goal is 100 percent.

And with a new policy for open science, Stockholm University is gearing up the transition to an open scientific system. The same development takes place in the rest of the world, most recently in the United States where the White House recently decided that federally funded research should be made open access immediately upon publication.

– It is interesting that the United States is now following Europe and what the EU is doing, and is setting strict requirements for open access to data, articles and books. It changes the game plan for us in relation to the scientific publishers, says Wilhelm Widmark, Senior Advisor to the President with operational responsibility for Open Science at the university. …”