Confidence at Scale: Using Technology to Assess Research Credibility

“After multiple years of data collection, the Research team at the Center for Open Science (COS) is preparing for the end of its participation in DARPA’s Systematizing Confidence in Open Research and Evidence (SCORE) program and the transition to the work that follows. SCORE has been a significant undertaking spanning multiple research teams and thousands of researchers and participants throughout the world – all collaborating to answer a single question: Can we create rapid, scalable, and valid methods for assessing confidence in research claims?…

How do you believe the objectives of SCORE contribute to Open Science more generally?

KU: The scale and rigor behind SCORE are unlike anything that was achieved so far in the open science research space. Each step of the project has been carefully planned to ensure that we can reach decisive conclusions regarding the current state of social and behavioral science research which makes me confident in SCORE’s ability to transform our understanding of the state of the field….”