How to publish in SU Dynamica – YouTube

“This video is an introduction to the publishing platform SU Dynamica and how to use it, made by PhD Abeni Wickham, founder of Scifree and creator of SU Dynamica.

Read also the article published at Stockholm University Library, which is a summation of a seminar held 14 March, 2023….”

”Öppen vetenskap är det nya normala” – Stockholms universitetsbibliotek

“As part of the work towards an open scientific system, Stockholm University has been involved in developing a publishing platform together with the company SciFree, where the aim is to offer an alternative way for publishing instead of via the commercial publishers. A lunchtime seminar about the platform was recently held.

– Our mission at the university is to build infrastructures and services to help researchers make the cultural change. That is why we are now testing a platform like Dynamica, says Wilhelm Widmark, head librarian and chancellor’s advisor for open science at Stockholm University.

– We believe that open science is the new normal….”

Lunch seminar: The new publishing platform Dynamica – Staff

“Do you want your research to be published open access, peer-reviewed and shared with others at one place – without charges or middle hands? Join a seminar about Dynamica, a new publishing platform developed by Stockholm University and SciFree, where researchers themselves are in charge of their work.

Open science is practice at Stockholm University, in line with government goals and recommendations from the European Union as well as financiers. Even though a lot of work has been done, with high numbers of articles being published in open access journals, Stockholm University is now taking another step forward towards an even more transparent and economically sustainable system for academic publishing.

What is Dynamica?

In Dynamica, researchers at Stockholm University can publish articles open access with a CC BY license. The articles are peer-reviewed openly in the same platform. The aim is to offer an alternative publishing route instead of via the commercial publishers. Now, the developing team are looking for researchers at Stockholm University who wish to contribute to the development of the platform, by submitting articles and give feedback for improvement….”