Omeka – Omeka is Celebrating Its 15th Anniversary and We have New Offerings for You

“When we released Omeka Classic fifteen years ago, I don’t know that any of us really thought we would still be working hard to provide open source web publishing platforms for stewards of cultural heritage and their communities. But, thankfully, here we are!

As the Omeka Team celebrates its fifteenth birthday, the project is sustainable and continues to provide software alternatives that serve the needs of our users as they endeavour to reach, engage, and collaborate with their communities. In part, this longevity can be attributed to the intelligence and dedication of the more than two dozen designers, developers, and digital humanists who have worked with Omeka over the years. In part, it can be attributed to our early decision to meet our users where they are. This commitment led to the launch of the hosted platform in 2010 to serve the needs of users who for a variety of reasons were unable or disinclined to host their own Omeka Classic sites. Then, in 2017, we launched Omeka S to serve the needs of institutional users and those who had an interest in working with more sophisticated approaches to digital pubishing such as using linked open data and embracing emerging standards such as the International Image Interoperability Framework.

In celebration of this milestone fifteenth year, the Omeka Team is launching a series of service offerings that demonstrate our commitment to continue meeting the needs of our wide range of users….”