Knowledge Pixels

“We aim to kick-start the next revolution in scientific publishing and knowledge sharing. With nanopublications as our core technology, we are taking the first steps towards our vision of the knowledge space to make the use of research results radically more efficient and effective….

We provide software and services to publish scientific findings in a way that is human readable and machine actionable at the same time. Our approach is open, decentralized, and in full accordance with the FAIR principles….”

Introducing FAIR findings – Innovators and publishers join forces to make scientific articles’ findings machine-interpretable

“First pilot project by Knowledge Pixels starts with scholarly publishers Pensoft and IOS Press to publish findings as knowledge graph snippets by means of nanopublications….

Until AI technology “learns” how to interpret complex scientific literature and evaluates the data, methodology and evidence behind it, it is our responsibility to make sure what we know today is optimally available to the computer algorithms. In turn, those algorithms would be extremely helpful in assisting researchers to build on the knowledge of yesterday by delivering the right information at the right time in a ready-to-use format.

This is why the team behind Knowledge Pixels, a recent startup that develops software and services, devised a framework to publish scientific findings in a way that is simultaneously human-readable and machine-actionable. To do this, the duo teamed up with forward-looking scholarly publishers Pensoft and IOS Press to implement its goal.