PREreview and CRNEUR launch a collaborative and community-based review pilot

“We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration between PREreview and Current Research in Neurobiology (CRNEUR)—a gold open access journal that publishes original research in neuroscience. Together we will host 5 open, collaborative, and interactive review events styled after PREreview Live-streamed Preprint Journal Clubs….

PREreview has long partnered with the community to host and facilitate what we call Live-streamed Preprint Journal Clubs—topic-centered, interactive online calls in which participants are guided to provide constructive feedback to a preprint.

CRNEUR is a gold open access journal from Elsevier that seeks to be a leader in innovative open access publishing, working to improve global research culture and public engagement in neuroscience research. With this pilot, the CRNEUR editorial team is keen to explore how the open and collaborative aspect of the PREreview Live-streamed Journal Club conducted alongside more traditional peer review can contribute to their mission….”