Encore+ Project

“The project will:

Engage business actors including SMEs, in the OER ecosystem by demonstrating the innovation potential of open content for Human Resources development in companies.

Nurture the uptake of OER in Europe by stimulating the integration of organisational strategies for OER in business and academia, encouraging both sectors to co-learn from successful implementation practice.

Contribute to the development of a sustained and well-mapped European OER innovation area by connecting and fostering knowledge exchange across HE and business.

Organise and open cultures and communities to facilitate stakeholder collaboration and catalyse the spread of innovative practices built on OER across the European area.

Realise a new vision for technological infrastructure which develops collaboration and connection among OER repositories into a European OER Ecosystem.

Establish open, distributed and highly trusted community-based quality review strategies for the future European OER Ecosystem and involve businesses and higher education institutions in dialogues on quality and innovation through OER.”

OER as Catalyst for Business-University Cooperation

“The event will be an opportunity to discuss the results of the Encore+ Network activities of the past 3 years and to jointly reflect on how open educational resources and practices can contribute to business-university cooperation (& entrepreneurialism).”