EPSRC: 7th and Last UK Research Council Now Mandates Open Access Too

UK’s 21st Green OA Mandate, Planet’s 62nd
(Via Peter Suber’s OA News)

Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (ESPRC) (UK funder-mandate)

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Institution’s/Department’s OA Self-Archiving Policy

The independent study commissioned by Research Councils UK was completed in late 2008. The findings from the study are now being taken forward by the Cross-Council Research Outputs Group and will be used to inform future policy on open access. EPSRC Council agreed at its December meeting to mandate open access publication, but that academics should be able to choose whether they use the green option (ie, self-archiving in an on-line repository) or gold option (ie, pay-to-publish in an open access journal). Further details will be published in spring 2009.