Hope in OA

Roberto Caso, L’Open Access alle pubblicazioni scientifiche: una nuova speranza, apparently a preprint, self-archived February 3, 2009.  In Italian without an English abstract.  Here are the title and abstract in Google’s English:

Open Access to scientific publications: a new hope

Both in trade and in science there is the problem of control of (more briefly, but lost in accuracy, it also speaks of ‘control of access). However, there is a gap between the control of information that, in business, relies heavily on intellectual property and what, in the perimeter of the scientific community, is based on informal rules. What is the impact of digital technologies on these different conceptions of control and on the relationships that arise between them? To try to answer the question my reasoning is structured according to the following scan logic.

In paragraph 2 are summarized the terms of the difference between intellectual property and informal rules of the scientific community. In paragraph 3 alludes to the traditional system of scientific publications and the problem of exponential price periodicals. In paragraph 4 shall briefly describe some basic features of digital technologies and their fallout on the forms of control. In paragraph 5 the focus is on abuse which is the power generated by the rigid and centralized control of information. In Paragraph 6, the complaint is a risk that the rigid and centralized control of information based on business logic colonises scientific knowledge, making it less accessible to scientists and the public. In paragraph 7 sets out how the scientific community is trying to counter this risk with the movement which is called the Open Access (OA) and how this movement is supported by statements, policies and guidelines of national public institutions and international. In paragraph 8 you go through some obstacles to the final statement of board as a model alternative (or complementary) to the traditional form of scientific publishing.