Another Winning Article From OA’s Chronicler and Conscience: Richard Poynder

I don’t know how he does it. His article, “Open Access: Whom would you back?“, is full of points with which I profoundly disagree. But he has written it so fairly and so insightfully and so stimulatingly that all one can do is admire it, and him, yet again.

I may be writing a critical commentary shortly, but in the meantime, all I can do is highly recommend it to everyone with any interest in the exciting current developments in Open Access (OA). It will bring you up to speed with the OA movement and also give you a shrewd and penetrating peek at OA’s possible future.

Agree or disagree, you cannot fail to be informed, and impressed. The OA movement is fortunate indeed to have Richard Poynder as its chronicler, conscience, and gadfly laureate.

Stevan Harnad
American Scientist Open Access Forum