More on the U. Kansas OA policy

A Web version of the text of the University of Kansas’ new OA policy confirms what I’d suspected in my last post: that the policy as passed doesn’t contain an OA mandate. It commits the university to OA, gives the university permission to provide OA to its faculty’s research via the IR, and establishes a task force to work out the details — including the details of how the manuscripts will get into the IR.

See also: Chad Lawhorn, KU plans to be first public university library to allow free online access to researchers’ work, KTKA, June 26, 2009.

… Members of the KU faculty proposed the “open access” policy, and believe that it will put KU on the leading edge of emerging trend in how scholarly research is disseminated. …

And once the system is fully functioning, KU leaders hope it will provide some interesting reading for the general public.

“We think one of the benefits is that this won’t just be for the research community, but even for lay people,” [Dean of Libraries Lorraine] Haricombe said.