Georgia building a statewide IR

On September 24, the Institute of Museum and Library Services announced its latest National Leadership Grants. (Thanks to Charles Bailey.) Among the grants is $850,000 to Georgia Tech to develop a statewide IR:

The Georgia Institute of Technology, in partnership with the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, the Medical College of Georgia, Georgia Southern University, Valdosta State University, Albany State University, North Georgia College and State University, and the College of Coastal Georgia, will build a statewide institutional repository (IR) called the GALILEO Knowledge Repository. The partners will also host a national symposium on statewide and consortial repositories, create instructional materials, conduct consortial IR training, and offer consulting services. This project will advance scholarly communication by expanding the use of IRs by U.S. colleges and universities and by increasing the number of professionals with knowledge and skills in managing consortial IRs.

Several of the other grants ($17.9 million in all) are also related to OA; see the full list, especially the “Advancing Digital Resources” category.