OA publisher to pay author royalties

Sciyo Becomes the First Academic Publisher to Introduce Usage-based Author Royalties, press release, December 18, 2009.

Authors publishing with Sciyo in 2010 will be the first in academic publishing to receive royalties based on the number of downloads of their publication. For every 10 downloads, 0.2 euro will be accredited to author’s account on an annual basis.

Sciyo operates under the open access publishing model, replacing subscription fees with publication fees paid by the authors or their funders. All Sciyo’s publications are available online, free to view, download, print, copy and share under Creative Commons Attribution License and without sign up, which increases their visibility and citation rates.

Author royalties will be accredited directly to the author’s account, with the exception of royalties under 100 euro, which will be deducted from the author’s publishing fee head on the next time he or she decides to publish with Sciyo. …

Sciyo’s publishing fee of 470 euro is among the lowest in the open access publishing industry. …


  • Sciyo was formerly known as In-Tech (see our past post) and, before that, I-Tech (see our past post).
  • If my math is right, an author would need 23,500 downloads to offset the publishing fee.