An OA journal at 5

Kuan-Teh Jeang, The Retrovirology Open Access experience, Retrovirology, December 15, 2009.

Retrovirology launched in February 2004 and since then has published more than 550 papers. … The quality of the journal has been monitored stringently by the editors and the editorial board and has improved over time. The latter assertion is supported by several observations. For instance, in November 2004, Retrovirology received 6 submissions and published 5 papers that month. By contrast, in November 2008, Retrovirology received 27 submissions and published 10 papers; and in November 2009, the journal received 29 submissions and published 10. In parallel, the rate of annual citations to Retrovirology has also increased steadily with a healthy upslope.

Retrovirology, as measured by SCImago journal rating using data from Scopus, ranks in the top quartile of all virology journals. … The visibility of Retrovirology papers is attested by the citation numbers to recently published papers. …

Periodically, emails arrive to me from colleagues in South America and graduate students in Africa conveying thanks for Retrovirology’s fee-free full text Open Access format. … The Retrovirology Open Access experience has been good for science, good for authors, and good for readers. The journal is doing well by doing good.