Report on the implementation of open content licenses in developing and transition countries

The survey attempted to gather information from a broad spectrum of research institutions in developing and transition countries in order to get a better understanding of the current state of the implementation of open content licenses. Open content licenses or some explicit statement attached to the article when it is published in an open access journal or deposited in an open access repository help to refer to a specific type of libre open access. These licenses / statements make it clear to the reusers what they are permitted to do with published and deposited articles (including data). An organization’s or journal’s licensing policy (including policy on re-use and redistribution) shall be clearly stated and visible on the web site. We looked at the web sites of 2,041 open access journals and 218 open access repositories from eIFL network countries. And this report highlights the best practices in using open content licenses by open access journals and open access repositories in developing and transition countries. The report was produced in the framework of the EIFL-OA advocacy programme supported by Open Society Institute and the Wellcome Trust.