@mire presents: Request your free Open Access week doorhangers (SOLD OUT)

Currently, all available doorhangers have been requested and are prepared for shipment.


Open Access Week is approaching! I am proud to announce that @mire has committed to an official sponsorship of this initiative. As part of our involvement, we have produced Open Access Week doorhangers that we intend to send out to institutions worldwide.

It was our impression that some researchers, enthusiastic about Open Access, are not willing to walk around in an OA Week t-shirt for the whole duration of the week.
That is why we created these “Ask me about Open Access” doorhangers that they can use as a tool to demonstrate their support for open access and invite their colleagues for a chat.

If you want to give these doorhangers to your researchers, you can use the link below to request up to 100 pieces and I will ship them to you for free in the next weeks.



Open Access Week doorhanger: front design


Open Access Week doorhanger: back design