NATURE marks ArXiv`s 20th anniversary

“Paul Ginsparg, founder of the preprint server, reflects on two decades of sharing results rapidly online — and on the future of scholarly communication”


A few quotes from the above article:

PG: “Even today, fields vary hugely in how they recognize intellectual precedence. It baffles me that scientists in some fields can announce a result in a public forum, such as a meeting, while another group can reproduce the results, publish first in a journal, and be given complete intellectual precedence, as though the information did not exist until vetted by the referee process. Journal editors and referees should make more effort to ensure proper attribution is given to publicly accessible materials in a stable resource.”


PG:”The idea that print journals had outlived their usefulness was already in the air in the early 1990s. David Mermin memorably wrote in Physics Today in 1991: “The time is overdue to abolish journals and reorganize the way we do business.”1″


PG:”Configuring scholarly communication infrastructure for the next generation of researchers requires getting into the heads of current undergraduates and graduate students…Students also say that they search preferentially for openaccess resources when working from home, because accessing subscription-based journals, even when available through an institutional proxy, can be frustratingly painful.”