SHERPA RoMEO Upgrade Version Released

SHERPA Services’ is excited to announce the launch of an upgraded version of SHERPA RoMEO ( as part of ongoing improvements to the SHERPA RoMEO service.

The new version contains significant additions and improvements to RoMEO, and now provides:

Increased Journal Coverage:

SHERPA-RoMEO now has its own Journals database containing over 18000 journals including many titles not covered by the other lists we use – Zetoc, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and ENTREZ

More up to Date:

The new SHERPA RoMEO Journals database is faster than other lists in responding to new titles and journals that change publishers

More Accurate Journal Level Searching:

The new journals database means that RoMEO identifies rights holders more accurately, especially where a commercial publisher is publishing on behalf of a society

More Search Options:

In addition to searching for journals by title or ISSNs and publisher names, an advanced search option lets users search for publishers’ by RoMEO colour, RoMEO ID and RoMEO update date

Electronic ISSNs:

RoMEO now holds data on electronic ISSN’s in addition to print ISSN’s and users can search for both using the ISSN search field

Faster Performance:

Technical upgrades have made many features work faster than before.


SHERPA-RoMEO uses a simple colour-code classification to simplify complex publisher and journal policy information and provides impartial, easy to follow and accurate guidance on permissions and conditions of rights given to authors by journal publishers.

SHERPA-RoMEO offers users the ability to:

  • View summaries of publishers’ and journal copyright policies in relation to self-archiving
  • View if publisher and journal policies comply with research funder archiving policies, mandates and guidelines
  • To search journal and publisher information by Journal Title, Publisher Name, ISSN and eSSN

Additionally, SHERPA-RoMEO provides lists of

  • Publishers that allow the use of their PDFs in Institutional Repositories
  • Publisher with Paid Options

SHERPA-RoMEO is seen as an essential resource by many in the Open Access community.

This development work is funded by JISC. Journal information is kindly provided by the British Library’s Zetoc service hosted by MIMAS, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) hosted by Lund University Libraries, and the Entrez journal list hosted by the NCBI.

About SHERPA Services’

SHERPA Services’ are based at the Centre for Research Communications, University of Nottingham and maintain on behalf of the open access community a portfolio of services: RoMEO, JULIET and OpenDOAR.

The Centre for Research Communications (CRC) was formed in April 2009, to help to support and inform the changes and new ideas in the way that research is communicated around the world. The CRC houses a portfolio of open access projects and initiatives currently undertaken by the University of Nottingham.



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For all enquiries regarding RoMEO please contact:

Jane, Azhar and Peter