Blogging and Open Access in Mexico

I am writing this from Mexico City. Last Thursday I gave a lecture at the lifelong learning division of theschool of humanities at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. 

The topic was “Blogging as a Tool for Teaching and Research”, and even though my personal perspective has been defined by the arts, humanities and social sciences, the lecture’s scope included other academic fields as well. Emphasis was made on the importance of open access and of an open access policy as best practice for academic electronic publishing.

The lecture was live-streamed (I’ve been told that we had 60 participants online), the backchannel was encouraged through the #BlogHumX hashtag and even the TV showed up! 

You can see the TV news clip on blogging and digital humanities here.

And my presentation is embedded below (please click on the link if you can’t see the presentation on this post). The original presentation had embedded edited video clips, but I made this version linking to the complete source YouTube videos as a surrogate version that could be shared online.