Ecology and Evolution Publishes its 100th Article!

Since its launch in September Ecology and Evolution has received a great number of quality submissions and this month we celebrate publishing our 100th article! 

The change in species richness of savanna bird species between 1990 and 2080

The 100th article published in Ecology and Evolution is Projected changes in distributions of Australian tropical savanna birds under climate change using three dispersal scenarios’ by April E. Reside, Jeremy VanDerWal and Alex S. Kutt. This paper uses species distribution modelling to predict geographic ranges for birds of Australian tropical savannas, and to project changes in species richness and ranges under a future climate scenario in 2080. Projected future range sizes were sensitive to dispersal scenario: ranges decreased for 66% of species if full dispersal was assumed, but for 89% of species when no dispersal was assumed.

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