Brain and Behavior Publishes Issue 2.2

Brain and BehaviorIssue 2.2 of Brain and Behavior has now been published. This issue includes a policy paper by Anne Abbott and colleagues, Why the United States Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) should not extend reimbursement indications for carotid artery angioplasty/stenting. The article suggests that there is overwhelming evidence that supporting this proposal would have serious negative health and economic repercussions for the USA. Also of note are the molecular neuroscience paper by Jennie Wilkerson and colleagues Immunofluorescent spectral analysis reveals the intrathecal cannabinoid agonist, AM1241, produces spinal anti-inflammatory cytokine responses in neuropathic rats exhibiting relief from allodynia and Enhancement and suppression in a lexical interference fMRI-paradigm by Stefanie Abel, Katharina Dressel, Cornelius Weillerand Walter Huber.

This issue’s cover has been selected from Expression and immunolocalization of Gpnmb, a glioma-associated glycoprotein, in normal and inflamed central nervous systems of adult rats by Jian-Jun Huang, Wen-Jie Ma and Shigeru Yokoyama. The results of the investigations discussed in this article suggest that Gpnmb plays an important role in the regulation of immune/inflammatory responses in non-tumorous neural tissues.

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