New articles online for Food and Energy Security

We are delighted to share with readers two papers which have recently published in Food and Energy Security. Included among these is the journal’s first original research paper by Paulo Mazzafera. We hope that you enjoy reading these articles.

Halford FigToward two decades of plant biotechnology: successes, failures, and prospects
Nigel G. Halford
A review of the genetically modified crop varieties and traits that have been launched in the last 18 years, the issues of regulation and consumer acceptance that still have to be overcome, and the prospects for the future development of plant biotechnology.


Coffee figWhich is the by-product: caffeine or decaf coffee?
Paulo Mazzafera
The market for caffeine has increased continuously over the last years while the production of decaf coffee, the main source of natural caffeine, has been almost steady. Synthetic caffeine might replace natural caffeine, but the market for natural and health products demands the latter.


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