The third issue of ChemistryOpen is now available online!

ChemistryOpenIssue 3 of ChemistyOpen is now available via Wiley Online Library  and the journal’s homepage:  This issue covers a great range of current hot topics in chemistry. While Albericio et al. optimize reactivity and stability of active esters for peptide bond formation, the Communication by Córdova et al. deals with a highly enantioselective, metal-free cascade reaction for an efficient entry to pyrazolidine derivatives. König et al. apply visible light to a modified Meerwein arylation and thereby improve its yield and together with Reiser et al. report on zinc(II)-cyclen complexes immobilized on magnetic nanobeads that allow a quantitative reversible extraction of riboflavin. In a second contribution to ChemistryOpen this year, Larhed et al. exploit the scope of aryltrifluoroborates for palladium(II)-catalyzed coupling with olefins.

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