Evolutionary Applications Special Issue – Evolution and Biological Control

eva_5_5_coverThe latest issue of Evolutionary Applications has now been published. This is a Special Issue on Evolution and Biological Control, guest edited by George K. Roderick, Ruth Hufbauer and Maria Navajas. The guest editors describe the aims of the issue in their editorial: ‘The papers in this volume address fundamental questions concerning the role of evolution in biological control. The ultimate goal, as in any science, is for the research to have predictive power. These papers take a giant step in that direction…Papers in this volume point to three themes for future work that together will be critical in understanding the role of evolution in biological control and adding predictive power to an emerging field: species interactions and global change, higher order interactions and environmental benefits and risks.’

Below are two editorial highlights from this issue which both address important issues of rapid evolution in biological control agents:

purple_lock_open  Evolution of critical day length for diapause induction enables range expansion of Diorhabda carinulata, a biological control agent against tamarisk (Tamarix spp.)
Dan W. Bean, Peter Dalin and Tom L. Dudley

purple_lock_open  Evolving while invading: rapid adaptive evolution in juvenile development time for a biological control organism colonizing a high-elevation environment
Peter B. McEvoy, Kimberley M. Higgs, Eric M. Coombs, Evrim Karaçetin and Leigh Ann Starcevich

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