Is this paper Open Access?

I have been sent a PDF of which I reproduce the front matter. Is it “Open Access”? Note that if I get the answer wrong I might get lawyers’ letters accusing me of copyright theft, breach of contract, etc. Note that I personally an unable to answer some of these questions authoritatively (To avoid typing here is the metadata:

NeuroImage Volume 51 Issue 1 15 May 2010, Pages 91–101


There are some subsidiary questions:

  • Can I post it on the web? For commercial use? For any use?
  • Is it Green? Or Gold? BOAI compliant? Or something else? How did you tell?
  • Is it gratis? Is it libre? If so what permissions have been relaxed?
  • Can I send someone a copy? Anyone? Or just a non-commercial?
  • Does its location affect whether it is Open Access?
  • Has someone paid for Open Access? Would their funders be satisfied?