#vivo12 What I might be going to say


I am at the #vivo12 conference in Miami – VIVO (http://vivoweb.org/ Connect/Share/Disover) and will give the plenary lecture tomorrow. I have been given free rein and originally called this “Bottom-up collaborations in the Internet Age” or something. I’ll review some of the things that make collaboration work and the converse (there is of course no absolute recipe for success).

I haven’t prepared anything and don’t know what I shall say. This is deliberate.

I want to get a feel for the delegates and also for the potential for future action. The delegates seem to be (roughly in order):

  • University librarians
  • University techies
  • University managers
  • Commercial vendors into universities

VIVO seems to be very University-centric. I’m going to change my title to:

“Reclaim our scholarship” – and I’ll blog more on that later.


I have requested a second screen. It will be smaller and dedicated to one task – a twitter stream or twitterwall. This is so everyone can see what others are saying about the issues I raise and also me. The tweets represent the collective electronic consciousness of the delegates AND also those “listening” from outside. It can be extremely effective. In this way we get our message out, get feedback, talk to ourselves, etc.

If you’ve never used twitter (and some delegates haven’t – no shame in that) go to https://twitter.com/ and get yourself a username and password. If you don’t want to sign up to yet-another-social-networking-site there is no shame. Be aware that the whole world can read what you write. So be careful – people have been prosecuted for libel or harassment. But most people use it every day without problems. Use the string “#vivo12″ in your posts as then everyone here will get it in the stream. If you want to try, connect today and give it a try. [It also interacts with other social media such as googleplus and facebook].

The tweets (only those with #vivo12) will be exposed as they come in. This gives a way for:

  • Making comments on what I present
  • Broadcasting what I present to the outside world
  • Broadcasting your comments to the outside world
  • Getting comments from the outside world. People outside might wish to raise issues for me/us to comment on (we have 15 mins discussion).

Twitter is ephemeral (though National libraries, I think, archive tweets). There is a tool http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storify – it would be great to have a volunteer storify the session since there will be no video recording (I might record myself audio). Storify would then allow an editor to build their own account of what I said, how you responded, where we ended up. You do not have to agree with me (many already don’t!).


Please comment on this – you may have ethical views on Twitter/Storify. The technical issues – we hope – will be small although the bandwidth is somewhat variable. Please try not to download movies during my presentation.

More later I hope.