The fourth issue of ChemistryOpen is now freely available online!

ChemistryOpenChemistyOpen’s Issue 4 is now available via Wiley Online Library and the journal’s homepage:

This issue for the first time holds a Thesis Summary in the journal’s unique Thesis Treasury section. It allows scientists to publish a short summary of their PhD thesis and make it openly accessible to all. See the first contribution online, where H. Varela nicely summarizes his PhD thesis on Spatiotemporal Pattern Formation during Electrochemical Oxidation of Hydrogen on Platinum.

Again ChemistryOpen offers topics from all areas of chemistry. Wagenknecht et al. optimize the properties of dual-emitting oligonucleotide probes by restricting its conformations using pyrrolidinyl PNA. To visualize b cells using PET imaging, Weissleder et. al modify an exendin-4 derivative with 18F via trans-cyclooctene/tetrazine cycloaddition. An efficient and simple synthetic strategy from azabicylo[4.1.0]heptenes to arylhexahydroisoquinolines is presented by Chung et al. In another Full Paper, Autschbach and co-worker perform time-dependent DFT calculations to study the long-range exciton coupling circular dichroism of tetraphenylporphorin.

And remember, all articles published in ChemistryOpen are fully open access and freely available to all. Click here  to browse the latest issue!