Wiley Open Access journals now indexed by DOAJ

DOAJWe are pleased to annouce that a number of Wiley Open Access titles have recently be added to the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). This directory currently lists 8092 open access journals, with more titles being regularly added. The recently added Wiley Open Access journals are: MicrobiologyOpen, Evolutionary Applications, Cancer Medicine, EMBO Molecular Medicine and ChemistryOpen. All of these journals are freely available to read on Wiley Online Library.  These are in addition to the earlier launched journals Brain and Behavior and Ecology and Evolution which have been indexed since February 2012.

Inclusion in DOAJ  increases visibility by enabling potential authors and readers to navigate to them directly within the directory. Many librarians have commented that they see inclusion in DOAJ as a sign of a quality open access journal. Wiley Open Access will continue to work with DOAJ to have all new journals in our program included.