Rick Rylance (CEO, AHRC) on RCUK on Green (and Embargoes)

Rick Rylance (CEO, AHRC) in Independent onRCUK policy:

“because we recognise that? the? pay-to-publish “gold” model of Open Access.. is not always available, we’ve retained a mixed model for the time being. This means that if there is not a to pay-to-publish option, researchers can opt for the “green” model of open access where the paper would be available via a repository after an embargo period? [emphasis added]

Why “for the time being”?

Why (cost-free) Green only if (paid) Gold unavailable?

Why is Green described as embargoed when over 60% of journals (including the top journals in most fields) already endorse immediate, unembargoed Green (and “Almost OA” is available for the remaining 40%)?

Is RCUK trying to encourage publishers to increase their Green OA embargoes?

Stevan Harnad