"Splendid Repository Stuff" for Open Access Week from DuraSpace: CDC Stacks Provide History of Public Health, Awareness, Statistics

To celebrate Open Access Week 2012 Oct. 21-28 DuraSpace will post a new “For Your Repository Viewing Pleasure” each day (and beyond) to highlight the “splendid stuff in YOUR repository”.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed an open access repository “CDC Stacks” at http://stacks.cdc.gov using the Fedora repository platform hosted in the cloud.

Issues from the first 30 years of the weekly MMWR (CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) are available to the public online as one of the collections in CDC Stacks. As with other documents in CDC Stacks, MMWR issues are in portable document format (PDF), and the text can be searched electronically. This rich MMWR collection available at http://stacks.cdc.gov/mmwr provides a history of public health issues, awareness and statistical analyses over three decades.

In addition to the first 30 years of MMWR, CDC Stacks contains documents spanning the history of the agency, including CDC Open Access, Influenza Surveillance Reports, and CDC Guidelines and Recommendations. CDC Stacks allows users to browse journal articles by public health subjects and explore collections of documents on relevant topics. New documents are added each week.

Browse collections in CDC Stacks here: http://stacks.cdc.gov/browse/collections/. A visit to the NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) collection (http://stacks.cdc.gov/cbrowse/?parentId=cdc:8278&pid=cdc:8278&type=1&facetRange=) provides access to Office Mine Safety and Health Research (OMSHR) historical documents from the early 1940s.

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